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Remembering A Life Blog


When someone we care about has experienced a death loss, many of us will send a condolence card or letter, pick up the phone to extend direct sympathy, or – in ordinary times – stop by with flowers or food. However, it is more common than ever to learn about a loss via social media and therefore use these platform to express our initial condolences. Social media, including memorialization websites, can be invaluable in remaining in touch with grieving loved ones who are separated by us through distance; at the same time, using these platforms to express grief support can also feel like stepping carefully through a minefield.

Healing Place Meditation

Healing place meditation can be done as either a guided (someone else leading the meditation) or self-guided relaxation and visualization practice. Doing healing place meditation during the grieving process can help focus the mind on calming and healing images to bring about beneficial changes in the body and mind. Through the purposeful creation of inner images and mental pictures, a more positive pattern of inner resilience can be created, enhancing an overall sense of well-being.