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Burial & Cremation

Mother and son discussing options

Burial & Cremation - Making a Choice

You have many options regarding how your loved one’s remains will be interred. Your funeral director will discuss all of your options, whether you choose a casket burial, urn burial, a scattering garden, a keepsake urn in your home, or other form of disposition. In any of these instances, a funeral and visitation can be held prior to interment. Speak with your funeral director about how a funeral can be beneficial in helping loved ones begin to grieve their loss. Your funeral director will also assist you with planning the details of the interment, such as working with the cemetery and/or crematory.

If you plan on having an open-casket viewing at the visitation, your funeral director will discuss your options regarding embalming. Embalming is the treatment (of a dead body) so as to preserve it, with chemicals, drugs, or balsams. You will also discuss how you would like your loved one dressed in the casket, including jewelry, and details such as makeup and hair style.

Depending on your choice of burial or cremation, your funeral director will provide you with options regarding caskets and urns. This is another important time to have an open discussion about costs, as the price of caskets and urns can vary greatly. Make your choice based on what you believe best honors your loved one but also respects your budget.

If you choose a casket burial, your funeral director will also ask you to identify pallbearers for the casket if you choose to have them.