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A Celebrant leading a service

Using a Celebrant

If a service is held in a church, often the clergy will officiate. If the clergy did not know your loved one, or if the service is held elsewhere, you may want to consider hiring a professional celebrant. A celebrant is trained to work closely with a family to craft a eulogy that beautifully captures the life of the individual and gives guests a better understanding of what was most meaningful to your loved one.

A celebrant will spend time with your family, asking questions and gathering personal details. He or she will then use the information, personal stories and memories to create and deliver a tribute that encompasses everything family and friends loved about that person. The opportunity to work with a celebrant allows your family to play a significant role in planning a tribute that is focused on remembrance and healing. If you are interested in working with a celebrant, speak with your funeral director. He or she may be a celebrant or they may have one on staff. If not, they may know of celebrants within the community for you to contact.