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Remembering a Life Podcast

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When a loved one dies, honoring their memory is one of the most meaningful ways to ensure their legacy lives on. Join host Holly Ignatowski and end-of-life experts for thoughtful and meaningful discussions about ways to remember a life, grieve and support others. New episodes are released the second Wednesday of each month.

Virtual Memorials

While gathering guidelines have prevented thousands of families from having in-person funerals or memorial services, virtual memorials have given many the opportunity to support each other, say goodbye and begin to mourn. Guests Barry Koch and Jason Zamer from TGBeyond share how technology has helped to fill a void for so many families who are grieving the death of a loved one during the pandemic.

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Virtual Memorials Fill Niche to Help Families Remember Loved Ones

Guests: Barry Koch and Jason Zamer

Barry Koch has 30+ years media experience in production, market research and general management with CNN, TNT, Turner Classic Movies and Cartoon Network. Beginning with the death of a young son in 1997, he has served more than 20 years as a volunteer, donor and board of directors member of Visiting Nurse Health System / Hospice Atlanta. He is a Certified Thanatologist through ADEC, Association of Death Education and Counseling, is part of the Speakers Bureau for Green Burial Council and is Co-founder of TGBeyond.

Jason Zamer started a company called SimpleC to help people living with dementia to live better each day based on behavioral science.  He innovated a technology platform that uses personal media, such as family photos, voice recordings, favorite songs and family videos, to encourage people to live happier and healthier everyday.  A primary feature was the collection and sharing of the storyboard of each individual’s life.  This life review is also known as reminiscence therapy.  This was used as a non-drug alternative to improving the individuals’ behavior and family visits.

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