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Death at Home

Death at Home

Anticipated deaths that occur at home are normally considered a home care or hospice case. If applicable, contact the hospice representative to inform them of the death. They will help take care of all necessary legal steps. Once the representative has completed their required procedures, the funeral home will be contacted for transport and care.

In dealing with an unanticipated death, whether at home or elsewhere, 911 should always be called first. The emergency medical services personnel will determine a proper course of action and work with the funeral home to coordinate transportation of the deceased.

Keep in Mind:  When a death occurs at home, the funeral home will be asking some questions to be better prepared to receive and transport the deceased. 

Some useful information to provide to the funeral home include:

  • If there are steps to or inside the house
  • If there is family waiting
  • If there is family who want to participate and assist in the removal
  • If there is family in transit to see the deceased before the transport occurs. 

If there are some immediate concerns, questions, or needs, feel free to communicate them to the funeral home during the initial call as well.