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How to Begin

The Value of Funerals & Funeral Directors

Grandchildren visiting with their Grandfather

How to Begin

The average person may find themselves planning a funeral only once or twice in their entire lifetime. It is perfectly normal to feel a sense of apprehension, uncertainty or even outright fear of this process. Complicating these feelings is the fact that you are probably completing this task at time of great sadness; someone you love has died.

Your NFDA member funeral director understands your concerns. He or she is an expert at planning a funeral and is your resource for all information you may need regarding funeral services or related merchandise. Each NFDA member funeral director is committed to providing compassionate assistance during this difficult time.

Your funeral director will give you complete information and education regarding all of your options so you can make an informed decision as to which arrangements will best suit your needs, your budget and the life of your loved one.